If you suspect a hearing loss it is advisable to visit Hear4Life as soon as possible for an evaluation.

The Audiologist will assist you by performing a diagnostic hearing test to determine the type and degree of hearing loss. The practice charges medical aid scheme rates for hearing tests. The hearing evaluation can be performed at the practice, or as a mobile service if it is more convenient for the patient.

After conducting the hearing test and a hearing loss has been diagnosed, the Audiologist will discuss the best treatment plan. If necessary the patient will be referred to an Ear-Nose and Throat specialist for further medical treatment, or the option of hearing aid fitting will be discussed.

Hear4Life offers hearing screening tests as well as diagnostic tests, we charge medical aid tariffs.
Hearing aid evaluations, fittings and follow-ups:

A selection of budget to premium hearing aids and assistive listening devices are available. Selection will be done in accordance with the patient’s individual audiological- and lifestyle needs, personal preferences and financial budget. Most medical aids offer a hearing aid benefit- we will gladly assist you to do this admin and phone them on your behalf. We also offer a free demo period of hearing aids to give you the opportunity to try it out at home before committing to a purchase.

Mobile services:

All of our services are either available at the practice or in the comfort of your home or work – please contact us for an appointment.

Battery club:

Rayovac hearing aid batteries available at very affordable prices for our club members. Please contact us today for more info on how to join and start saving money today!

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