Hear4Life offers custom made ear plugs made from imported hypo-allergenic silicone to ensure a comfortable fit for your individual ear.


We can provide you with the following options:

  • Swim plugs to keep ears dry after operations or to prevent infections. Ideal for swimming lessons.
  • Sleep plugs for a good night’s rest as the plugs will lower disturbing environmental noise. Ideal for studying or snoring.
  • Ear phone plugs to fit your insert ear phones, ensuring a more comfortable and secure fit even with extended use. Ideal for listening to music whilst exercising or when normal insert ear phones hurt your ears.
  • We make use of Protec-Ear SA custom made hearing protectors to protect your hearing and prevent hearing loss due to noise exposure. Recommended for people who are exposed to high noise levels at work i.e. industries, dentists, airport ground personnel or for recreational use i.e. musicians, hunting, racing.
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