There are a wide variety of different digital hearing aids available that varies in style, colour and technology.

Your Audiologist will recommend the best suitable product according to your:

  1. Hearing results obtained by the diagnostic hearing test.
  2. Personal preferences regarding appearance, style and colour.
  3. Lifestyle needs & listening environments you typically require assistance with.
  4. Individual budget. Most medical aids provide a contribution towards hearing aids.
Types of hearing aids
Custom hearing aids:

These hearing aids are custom made according to the individual’s ear canal size, ranging from the smallest CIC (Completely in canal) to larger ITE (In the Ear) forms. Custom hearing aids are available in beige and brown.

Behind the Ear hearing aids (BTE):

Available in a smaller mini-BTE and standard size BTE and can be fitted with a thin tube (open fit) or custom made shell (closed fit), depending on the individual’s hearing loss.

Receiver in Canal hearing aids (RIC):

These hearing aids consist of a cosmetically appealing device that fits behind the ear and transmits sounds to the ear by a thin wire that fits flush against the skin.  The RIC hearing aids are less visible on the ear due to their small size.

Assistive listening devices:

Most hearing aids are compatible with additional listening devices to enhance your listening experience even more. Stream sounds directly from your television and control the volume independently without affecting the overall volume for the rest of the family by using a TV-link, or stream phone calls from your cell phone to your hearing aids by using a Phone-link. By using a small external microphone in meetings or in the class room, you can improve the signal to noise ratio of the listening environment significantly, improving overall speech understanding.

Made for iPhone and communication with other Smart phones:

Stream phone calls and music wirelessly from your iPhone to your hearing aids, without using additional listening devices. Easily make discreet changes to your hearing aids settings through an App and save your favourite settings to access them later. Patients who require regular visits to their Audiologist or live far from a hearing practice, can opt-in for Remote Care, enabling the user to request changes to his or her hearing aid settings through the internet. Streaming, App use and Remote Care are only available in certain hearing aid models.

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